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DG WARRIORS club philosophy is to equip athletes to reach their fullest potential as an athlete and to encourage and cultivate character development both on and off the court or field. Our coaching staff seeks to develop character qualities such as respect, responsibility, integrity, teamwork, and perseverance in each one of our athletes.

Our Assistant Volleyball Director, Ken Uveges, created a series of five “CHALK TALKS” that coaches may utilize during the season. This can occur after or during a practice.

This season implementation is optional. If a coach chooses to introduce the program, players are given a copy of the handout, the coach and team will review it together and facilitate conversation about character building - using sports in general and volleyball/basketball specifically as the platform. Copies are emailed to the parents in advance and they’re asked to reinforce the message.

The introductory piece of the themed series includes 5 installments, which will cover the season if one is presented every 2-3 weeks.

Thank you Coach Ken for creating the CHALK TALK series & using it with your team!

You can download PDFs of each installment below:

  Intro: Competing with the Heart 2015 Intro: Competing with the HEART 2015
  Chalk Talk #1: Honesty
  Chalk Talk #2: Effort Chalk Talk #2: Effort
  Chalk Talk #3: Action Chalk Talk #3: Action
  Chalk Talk #4: Reflection
  Chalk Talk #5: Tactics